How to survive the Paris train strikes 2018!

April 04, 2018 1 Comment

So, you’ve seen the news and yes it’s true. French rail workers kicked off three months of rolling strikes on Tuesday, part of a wave of industrial action that will test President Macron's resolve to reshape France with sweeping reforms.

Once again proving the French reputation as the world champions of strikes!

The aim is simple, to cause as much disruption as possible over a three month period: April-June.

But do not panic, @BoutiqueBikeTours we are here to provide top tips and advice on how to not let the strikes ruin your holiday.

When are the strikes happening?

How will I know which trains are running?

From 5pm onwards you will be able to find out which trains are most likely to run the next day. We recommend Transilien, SNCF & City Mapper, they have very useful apps for when you’re on the move and easy to navigate websites with live updates.

Make sure you download the App City Mapper, it is the best for getting around the city, you can type in stations, addresses, postcodes, and you can save a journey and still be guided when you’re offline and it is super reliable.

How can I get from the airport to Paris if the trains are striking?

If there are no trains, the Paris Airports website is a good starting point.


During recent train strikes the bus from the airport to central Paris has acted as a savior to those unable to find a taxi. It is also great value at 12€-21€!

Click here for Charles de Gaulle Airport

Click here for Paris Orly Airport


Uber & Taxis will be available. We recommend booking in advance the company G7 are reliable and Uber is a good option but we would avoid it if there is a price surge!

Beware of illegal taxis at the airports! Go to the proper taxi rank or ask to see the drivers taxi permit.

What is the best way to get around central Paris?

If you are catching the train, avoid total chaos at main train stations during commuter hours.

Paris à vélo! Paris By Bike

Exploring Paris by bike is one of our favorite tours! If the trains are causing mayhem and you need to get to a monument, or get to your croissant fix, grab a bike and save your feet. Paris is far more bike friendly and has far more cycle lanes than travellers realise! Velibs (city bikes) are available all over the city.

You will need to register online; make sure you read the how it works section. You can choose between a 1 day or 7 day pass, both allow you to take up to 5 Vélib' at one time. From as little as 1€ per hour! The green ones are normal bikes and the blue are electric able to reach 25kmph! You can check them in & out at any station, all over the city. But if you get hold of one, we recommend using the lock & key that comes with it when you take a break, once you return your bike to a docking station, you may not get one back!

If you prefer to avoid the crowds & have us show you the best of the city, enquire about our Paris day bike tour or sign up to our Paris Evening Bike & Boat Tour.

Embrace this as a true Parisian experience!

Striking in France is a fundamental right, consecrated by the Constitution and it's part of the long French tradition of taking to the streets. You could go for full cultural immersion and join a protest or join us on our day trip to Versailles to find out more about how the first political dual between the monarchy & the French people was fought and won in 1789!

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June 14, 2018

Thank you! This is such a helpful article and will refer back to it often during our first trip ever to Paris! So excited to experience all your tours!

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