Is your guide qualified?

The guiding world can be pretty complicated and there are loads of options out there.

So what does this actually mean to you?

If a guide is not licensed, legally they cannot guide you inside monuments and sites in France, it’s that simple! You can be guided on public pathways, around cities, towns, and outside but not inside the monuments or sites themselves.

Only a Guide Conférencier can do so as the French want to ensure their heritage is being shared accurately by people who really know what they are talking about!

So what is a Guide Conférencier?

A Guide Conférencier is a registered profession and to be awarded this title a guide must have:

  • Masters level of Study (4-5 years): History/History of Art
  • Passed Specific National Teaching and Guiding modules and completed exams
  • Fluency in multiple languages
  • Have significant experience of leading tours relating to French National Heritage

Sounds simple? Well, we think so too. 

So, we don’t work with anyone who is not a Guide Conférencier, we insist on everyone being really well qualified, and really experienced with a track record of epic reviews!

It means we provide high quality licensed guides at affordable prices.

But why choose a Guide Conférencier? 

They have incredible knowledge, are engaging, but it also means they’ve spent years studying up to Masters level and passing exams, because this is what they want to do. They’ve put their heart and soul into this job and you can just tell when you tour with them.

But we shouldn’t forget to mention that when we recruit a new member of the team we always ask ourselves that big question “Is this someone I’ll have fun cycling and exploring with?” If the answer’s yes, and they’ve got the qualifications and guide license exams to back it all up, they’re in.

How does this affect us?

Well, this is at the heart of why we started and why we work the way we do. When we started we wanted to avoid the ‘lottery system’ of guides, and just guarantee to our clients that you will get a high level, ‘career guide’ who knows the site inside out. As such our team is small to maintain that ideology, – if we became big that quality control would disappear.